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Twenty one teams fight for Club World Championship ticket

Sfax of Tunisia broke the five-year winning streak by Egyptian clubs when they claimed the title for the first time since 2005 last year

Sousse, Tunisia, March 19, 2014 - The Drawing of Lots for the 2014 CAVB Men's Club Championship was held in Sousse, Tunisia on Wednesday where the 21 participating teams were divided into four preliminary pools with Pools A, B and D featuring five teams and Pool C six teams.

The annual CAVB competition acts as a qualifier for the FIVB Men's Club World Championship, which will be held in Brazil from May 6 to 11. 
The 2014 CAVB Men's Club Championship, which starts Thursday and continues until Sunday-week, is the second of four continental qualifiyng events with the CEV Champions League Finals the next qualifier from March 22 to 23 while Manila in the Philippines will host the 2014 AVC Men’s Club Championship from April 8 to 16.

There will be eight teams participating in the
FIVB Men's Club World Championship, with Brazil’s Sada Cruzeiro qualified for the tournament as the host city, along with UPCN of Argentina, who finished runners-up at the South American Men's Club Championship. NORCECA will appoint one team, with the other two vacancies decided jointly by the FIVB and organiser.

Organizers and two time champions Etoile du Sahel of Tunisia were drawn in Pool A along with Nahda (Sudan), Ittihad Taangier (Morocco), Borj Bou Arririj (Algeria) and Bafia (Cameroon).
Defending champions Sfax of Tunisia, who have six titles to their name, will battle it out with Autoridade (Mozambique), Stif (Algeria), Ettihad Misurata (Libya) and Espoir (Congo RD).
Pool C includes 2013 vice champions Esperance of Tunisia, who won the title three times, alongside GSU (Kenya), Nemo Stars (Uganda), Mughrer Cement (Ethiopia), Port (Cameroon) and Ahly Beni Ghazi (Libya).
Ahly Tripoli (Libya), who finished third in 2013 will line up against the record holders Ahly of Egypt (six titles), FAP (Cameroon), Prisons (Kenya) and Beau Vallon (Seychelles) in Pool D.
Each pool will play in a round robin format following which the top two teams in each pool will qualify for the quarterfinals before going onto the semifinals and finals.
Teams ranked third and fourth in each pool will play for the 9 to 16 brackets in the same knockout system. 
The teams ranked fifth in each preliminary pool will play off for the 17 to 20 positions, while the team ranked sixth in Pool C will automatically finish 21st.

2014 CAVB Men's Club Championship Day 1 Programme
Pool A
Etoile du Sahel (TUN) v Bafia (CMR)
Ittihad Tangier (MAR) v Borj Bouarirj (ALG)
Pool B
Autoridade (MOZ) v Espoir (COD)
Stif (ALG) v Sfax (TUN)
Pool C
Mugher Cement (ETH) v Port (CMR)
Nemo stars (UGA) Esperance (TUN)
GSU (KEN) v AHLY Benighazi (LIB)
Pool D
Prisons (KEN) v Beau Vallon (SEY)
Ahly Tripoli (LIB) v Ahly (EGY)
History of
CAVB Men's Club Championship Year  Champion
1982 Ahly (Egypt)
1983 Ahly (Egypt)
1984 Zamalek (Egypt)
1985 CS Sfax (Tunisia)
1986 CS Sfax (Tunisia)
1987 Zamalek (Egypt)
1988 Mouloudia (Algeria)
1989 CS Sfax (Tunisia)
1990 Club Africain (Tunisia)
1991 Club Africain (Tunisia)
1992 Club Africain (Tunisia)
1993 Club Africain (Tunisia)
1994 Espérance - Taragy (Tunisia)
1995 Ahly (Egypt)
1996 Ahly (Egypt)
1997 Ahly (Egypt)
1998 Espérance - Taragy (Tunisia)
1999 CS Sfax (Tunisia)
2000 Espérance - Taragy (Tunisia)
2001 Etoile du Sahel - AlNajm AlSahily (Tunisia)
2002 Etoile du Sahel - AlNajm AlSahily (Tunisia)
2003 Ahly (Egypt)
2004 Ahly (Egypt)
2005 Sfax  (Tunisia)
2006 Ahly  (Egypt)
2007 Mouloudia (Algeria)
2008 Zamalek (Egypt)
2009 Zamalek (Egypt)
2010 Ahly (Egypt)
2011 Ahly (Egypt)
2012 Zamalek (Egypt)
2013 Sfax (Tunisia )
CAVB Men's Club Championship Honours
Ahly (Egypt) 10
CS Sfax (Tunisia) 6
Zamalek (Egypt) 5
Club Africain (Tunisia) 4
Espérance - Taragy (Tunisia) 3
Etoile du Sahel -Al Najm AlSahily-  (Tunisia) 2
Mouloudia (Algeria) 2

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