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  Lausanne, Switzerland, May 13, 2014 - After the historic first Russian triumph at the FIVB Volleyball Men’s Club World Championship, the Belogorie Belgorod players were not the only ones in shock. Their mobile phones were also overheating due to the sheer volume of calls and text messages, even despite their momentous victory in Belo Horizonte coming in the middle of the night back home in Russia.

12.05.2014 21:36:37   International “family” makes history for Russia at Men's Club World Championship

11.05.2014 03:56:31   Russia’s Belogorie Belgorod win FIVB Men’s Club World Championship title
11.05.2014 03:44:16   Belgorod's best feature is being a very close team
11.05.2014 03:07:49   Belogorie Belgorod react and edge Al-Rayyan to become new world champions
11.05.2014 00:37:10   "We played with our hearts", says UPCN captain Demián González
11.05.2014 00:33:26   First medal ever for Argentina’s UPCN at FIVB Men’s Club World Championship
10.05.2014 16:31:54   FIVB Men's Club World Championship bring children closer to volleyball
10.05.2014 04:28:47   Al-Rayyan upset world champions and will play for the crown against Belgorod
10.05.2014 04:08:47   Pressure and serving made their job for Al-Rayyan's major win
10.05.2014 03:58:31   Sada Cruzeiro fail to defend world title against Qatar’s Al-Rayyan
10.05.2014 01:10:41   Indeed it was the victory day for Russia's Belogorie Belgorod
10.05.2014 01:04:58   Belgorod bounce back on time to reach FIVB Men’s Club World Championship final
09.05.2014 19:26:36   Argentinean coach Méndez changed volleyball landscape in Sada Cruzeiro
09.05.2014 04:14:55   UPCN and Belogorie Belgorod complete semifinals at FIVB Men’s Club World Championship
09.05.2014 04:02:01   "Our job it's not done yet", stresses Belgorod captain Khtey
09.05.2014 03:45:16   Belogorie Belgorod stay unbeaten and reach the semifinals
09.05.2014 00:31:37   Esperance praised the experience and Trentino honoured their history
09.05.2014 00:14:56   Trentino say goodbye with a smooth victory over Esperance Tunis
08.05.2014 22:10:12   For UPCN coach, his team is "made of champions"
08.05.2014 21:46:45   Hard efforts pay as UPCN enter the semifinals
08.05.2014 04:21:53   Al-Rayyan confirmed in FIVB Men’s Club World Championship semifinals; Cruzeiro fall against Belgorod but move on as well
08.05.2014 04:16:49   "I believe in our team and the weapons we have", underlines Méndez
08.05.2014 03:49:02   Belogorie Belgorod earn second win after clash against Sada Cruzeiro
08.05.2014 00:20:21   A door to the semifinals is now open for Matin Varamin
08.05.2014 00:03:14   Matin Varamin cruise past Guaynabo Mets to secure first win
07.05.2014 22:50:43   UPCN want to "focus on the point achieved" towards the semifinals
07.05.2014 22:19:43   Trentino win electrifying battle over UPCN in five sets
07.05.2014 14:59:35   Parallel attractions uplift FIVB Men's Club World Championship in Brazil
07.05.2014 03:30:40   Semifinals in sight for home team and Al-Rayyan at FIVB Men’s Club World Championship
07.05.2014 03:25:07   Cruzeiro was able to improve, say both coach Méndez and Leal
07.05.2014 03:00:24   Second win for Sada Cruzeiro to almost secure a semifinal berth
07.05.2014 00:59:35   "We aren't as bad as some may believe", smiles Guaynabo's coach
07.05.2014 00:33:10   Puerto Rican resist but Belogorie Belgorod stomp for first win in Brazil
06.05.2014 22:01:12   Al-Rayyan coach finds in experience the key over Esperance
06.05.2014 21:11:14   Al-Rayyan survive Tunisian scare to stay very close to the semifinals
06.05.2014 03:11:23   Top form for favourites in the first day of FIVB Men’s Club World Championship
06.05.2014 03:06:12   Guaynabo Mets were "defeated by a better team"
06.05.2014 02:36:56   Local joy at Mineirinho as Sada Cruzeiro breeze past Guaynabo Mets
06.05.2014 00:46:22   Simón's scoring skills are "not normal", says Trentino captain
05.05.2014 23:43:14   Strong Cuban flavour for Al-Rayyan’s first win over Trentino
05.05.2014 22:07:05   "We needed those three points today", stressed UPCN's coach
05.05.2014 21:02:33   Successful opener for Argentina’s UPCN over Esperance Tunis
05.05.2014 04:08:24   Coaches advise of greater challenge at 2014 FIVB Men’s Club World Championship
04.05.2014 11:48:00   Stars align in Belo Horizonte for Men's Club World Championship
03.05.2014 14:45:04   Esperance dream of Club World Championship glory
02.05.2014 19:57:41   President praises growth of Club World Championships
02.05.2014 15:57:11   Defending champions expect tough opposition at FIVB Club Championship
01.05.2014 11:54:12   Belogorie warm up for Club World Championship with bronze in Russian Superleague
28.04.2014 18:04:30   Sada Cruzeiro demonstrate that times have changed
23.04.2014 14:42:54   Sada Cruzeiro to begin title defence against Guaynabo Mets
21.04.2014 23:49:44   Guaynabo Mets prepare for FIVB Men’s Club World Championship
19.04.2014 05:29:38   Birarelli eyes successful Club World Championship comeback
18.04.2014 16:30:41   Tsvetan Sokolov dreams of becoming Bulgaria's champion with Marek one day
17.04.2014 06:52:49   Wallace boosts Sada Cruzeiro ahead of Club World Championship
16.04.2014 16:34:02   FIVB Volleyball Men’s Club World Championship wild cards go to Trentino and Al-Rayyan
16.04.2014 16:05:23   Matin Varamin claim Asian Club Championship title, ticket to FIVB Men's Club Championship
16.04.2014 15:45:40   Baic Motor claim third spot with win over Kondensat-Zhaikmunay at Asian Men’s Club Championhip
16.04.2014 10:16:52   Chinese Taipei finish fifth, host place seventh at Asian Men’s Club Championship
15.04.2014 20:20:50   Al-Rayyan, Matin Varamin in finals of Asian Club Championship for ticket to FIVB Men's Club Championship
15.04.2014 15:53:42   Sada Cruzeiro take Superliga title on their way to Club World Championship in May
15.04.2014 13:22:09   Chinese Taipei, Iraq's South Gas Club Sports to fight for fifth place of Asian Men’s Club Champs
14.04.2014 23:00:15   Kondensat-Zhaikmunay, Matin Varamin, Al-Rayyan, Baic Motor cruise to semis of Asian club championship
12.04.2014 11:42:21   South Gas Club Sports, Matin Varamin, Al-Rayyan, Baic Motor top their pools in Asian Club preliminary round
11.04.2014 11:04:17   Al-Rayyan on course to a clean sweep in the preliminaries
10.04.2014 23:54:32   Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Qatar, China clubs remain unbeaten after Day 3 of Asian Men's Club Volleyball Championship
09.04.2014 23:54:16   Iran's Matin Varamin overcome Oita Miyoshi Weisse Adler at Asian Men’s Club Championship
09.04.2014 14:26:15   Brazil's Mineirinho arena shaping up for a big month
08.04.2014 23:54:55   Philippines, Lebanon, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Chinese Taipei win on first day of Asian Club Championship
07.04.2014 23:42:53   Underdogs hope to pull off surprises in Asian Men's Club Championship
31.03.2014 12:49:21   FIVB Club World Championship qualifiers move closer to completion
29.03.2014 22:20:51   Esperance book Club World Championship ticket with 4th African title
29.03.2014 13:57:52   FAP finish ninth at Men's African Club Championship
28.03.2014 19:32:30   Ahly and Esperance fight for Africa's Club World Championship ticket
27.03.2014 18:31:59   Accreditation for 2014 FIVB Volleyball Club World Championships now open
27.03.2014 06:28:26   Giants Ahly and three Tunisian teams through to semifinal of African club championship
26.03.2014 13:33:55   Guaynabo Mets join FIVB Volleyball Men’s Club World Championship line up
26.03.2014 13:11:49   Eight African clubs chase FIVB Men's Club World Championship berth
26.03.2014 11:19:51   MVP Tetyukhin: Back to the national team? Maybe, but probably not.
26.03.2014 00:22:43   Men's Club World Championship can expect passionate reception in Mineirinho
25.03.2014 07:05:41   Quarterfinal line up completed at Men's African Club Championship
24.03.2014 21:55:17   FIVB Volleyball Club World Championships roster grows with conclusion of European qualifiers
24.03.2014 17:55:51   Belo Horizonte unveiled as new venue for FIVB Volleyball Men’s Club World Championship
23.03.2014 21:07:58   Russia’s Belogorie Belgorod wins ticket to FIVB Men’s Club Championship
23.03.2014 21:06:45   Four more teams confirm quarterfinal tickets at 2014 Men’s African Club Championship
21.03.2014 16:36:36   European spot at FIVB Volleyball Men’s Club World Championship up for grabs this weekend
19.03.2014 22:37:44   Twenty one teams fight for Club World Championship ticket
23.02.2014 23:07:35   UPCN join Sada Cruzeiro at FIVB Men's Club World Championship in Betim
23.02.2014 04:40:29   Philippines to host Men’s Asian Club Championship
17.02.2014 19:45:26   South America gears up for Club Championship
07.02.2014 10:05:01   Russian teams shine in first round of Champions League Playoffs 6
24.01.2014 09:53:11   Russian, Italian and Polish teams still in the running for Men's Club World Championship spot
14.01.2014 15:15:27   Tunisia to host 2014 Men's African Club Championship



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