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Gilberta Godoy Filho 'Giba'

Gilberto Godoy Filho or 'Giba' as he is affectionately known on the volleyball world circuit, is the jewel in Brazil's volleyball crown - their men's national team and no other player can better illustrate the passion, exuberance and flair with which Brazilian players and their lively supporters devote to the sport, second only to football for the green and golds.

The highly strung Giba, his hair in wet ribbons of perspiration and his sleeves bunched high on his shoulders is an omnipresent figure on the court for Brazil as he crouches like a panther ready for the opposition's attack. And although he is supported by a stunning collection of talent in the side, the much adored 26-year-old "Giba" has frequently been a key ingredient in Bernardhino Rezende's team's recent triumphs - the World League title 2001, second in last year's edition only to bounce back to steal the coveted World Championship in 2002. This wing-spiker par excellence is not only an outstanding player, but also has the power and charisma to ignite and inspire star-studded Brazilian team, as they are poised at 2nd in the world rankings, ready to overtake the mighty Russians at the first opportunity.

His performance in front of the Brazilian fans during the World League final tournament last year, which concluded with a loss to Russia in the final, was purely inspirational. He finished, not only as the second Best Scorer of the final tournament but also among the best servers (4th), spikers (6th), receivers (7th) and setters (9th).

Despite his lanky 1.92m, Giba is exceptionally fleet-footed and he brings the kind of boundless joy to the game that makes him admired on and off the court all around the world.

His international debut, at the Youth World Championship in 1993, was an indication of things to come as Brazil won the title and he finished as the Best Player and the Best Spiker of the tournament. 

Since then he has been selected for the Brazilian men's team 278 times and is now branded among the best players in the world. Currently, he plays in Italy for Ferrara, together with his teammate Gustavo Endres.