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Guido Görtzen

Guido Görtzen is one of the backbone members of the Netherlands team. The most experienced player in the Dutch line up with 289 caps, he will prove to be a crucial figure in Bert Goedkoop's team.

With the Netherlands going through a tough time with injuries ripping through a relatively young team, Görtzen stands out as a person with the character to pull this Netherlands side through the World League to a respectable performance.

At the moment their chances hand by a thread. After scrapping through qualifying for the European Championship the Netherlands now have another chance to rebuild and try and bring their game back to the glory days of the 90's. And with that in mind all eyes will be on Görtzen, whose international days creep back to 1994 when he made his debut in the colours of orange and black in a tournament in Portugal.

Certainly a lot of pressure on the wing-spiker but a MVP title at the 1997 European Championship, a Best Scorer award at the 1997 World League and a Best Spiker title at the 2000 World League aren't just there for show. Görtzen has class written all over him and there is no other player in the Netherlands lineup who shares Görtzen's determination and pride to make sure Dutch volleyball retains its rightful place on the international stage.