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Match Descriptive

Italy beat Portugal 3-0 (25-19, 27-25, 25-18) - duration 1:15
25-May, start time: 15:30, end time: 16:45 - Attendance: 5,140
Italy beat Portugal in the second game of the week end.
In a beautiful frame of public, with a new performance of high-level Italy also beat 3-0 Portugal in the second game of the week end.
The game has been in practice the prosecution of the challenge on Friday to Perugia, both Montali and the technician of the Portuguese Diaz, in departure, have again given trust to the same formations it went out in the open in Umbria. And the course of the match has been also similar, Italy was calm and ordinate to command the game, very willing Portugal, but excessively faulty. Contrarily the team of Montali committed the first error on them on 15-12 (wrong service of Biribanti).
Meoni used his best attack and Italy without any difficulty comes to win 25-19. The point of the set is by Cernic.
Also the second set sees Italy owner of the field, Biribanti has a flash of beautiful game and the blue team reaches 12-7. Then something doesn't work to the best anymore in receipt and Portugal reassembles. On 12-11, Montali asks for the first time the time out, then on 18-18 it plays the paper Giani as outside hitter. Portugal operates the passing on 19-18, then it conducts 22-20. Italy reacts, and to the third one set-point imposes 27-25.
The blue coach proposes Giani in the formation of the third set. Portugal after having lost of measure the partial one has rather reentered on the ground of unloaded game and Italy has taken advantage to earn a meaningful advantage, that allows to impose 25-18 and to close the match 3-0.