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Match Descriptive

Yugoslavia beat Netherlands 3-1 (20-25, 25-21, 25-16, 25-18) - duration 1:43
24-May, start time: 14:07, end time: 15:50 - Attendance: 3,000
Solid victory by Serbia and Montenegro
Despite a good start in the first set the Dutch couldn't resist the powerfull play of Serbia and Montenegro. When the Olympic Champion settled into the game they took a solid victory.

In their opening match of the World Leaque 2003 both the Netherlands and Serbia and Montenegro started with their best line up, which means that all star players at both sides were present. At the Dutch side only young blocker Rob Bontje was a new coming player in this big international tournament. The Dutch team at first made a very concentrated impression and tried by tactical services and attacking to disorder the defence of Serbia and Montenegro. At the end of the first part Schuil and Gortzen delivered the set win. Also in the second set it was hard for the Olympic Champions to settle into the game. But when they took at 8-9 for the first time the lead in the game they took more control over the host team. The Dutch couldn't neutralize the powerfull spiking of key players like Grbic and Vujevic. Only at 17-17 the Netherlands resist by some good serving of Nummerdor. But it wasn't enough for coming back into the set. Also in the third part Serbia and Montenegro was the better team. Goedkoop tried by replacing his setter to turn the game but that also didn't succeed. The key players of the Dutch didn't show their best skill. Only young player Rob Bontje made a good impression by having some good blocking and attacking points. Also in the fourth set captain Nikola Grbic was well supported by his other star players. In serving and spiking Serbia and Montenegro dominate the game. Some subtitutions of Goedkoop in the last part were not effective anymore, so Vlademir Grbic could end the match by powerfull spiking.