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Press conference

Bulgaria beat Cuba 3-0 (25-19, 32-30, 25-15) - duration 1:23
25-May, start time: 8:37, end time: 10:00 - Attendance: 5,050
Pressconference Bulgaria - Cuba

Eliseo Ramos Rivas, Cuba's head coach:
We have problems with all lines, but worst of all it was digging. Besides this I thing that this leg was better for us than Bulgaria. Now they have to come in Cuba, and our crowd is bigger and more aggressive. That's why we have the advantage. All the things in our pool will be decided in Cuba. It is good for us that we won one of the games in Bulgaria. The crowd was excellent but our will be better. We are young team and that has it's influence on the play.

Milorad Kijac, Bulgaria's head coach:
A great victory, beautiful play and fantastic atmosphere. One huge thanks to the audience which was our 7th player. We needed great strength to recover after Friday loss, but we made it. We scored 12 points on block, 7 aces and have 56% from service. I thing our attacking is one of the best in the World league. We had the luck that we hadn't in the first game. We have to prepare to out visit to Serbia-Montenegro. They are the favorite but we will not surrender. I thing we can make the surprise. We need just time to settle down the team.

Pavel Pimienta, Cuba's captain:
It was very important game for us to win, but we couldn't. Without matter that we won first game, we have to work out on our mistakes. Our visit to Bulgaria was successful and I hope we will go on the same way.

Nikolay Ivanov, Bulgaria's captain:
It was a beautiful day for the Bulgarian volleyball. Nice game, expected win and great crowd. We made what we had to do on the first game. The win is important cause we were in knockdown after the loss in the first game. Today we were more motivated and that is because we won.