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Press conference

Brazil beat Germany 3-0 (25-15, 29-27, 25-19) - duration 1:14
24-May, start time: 10:08, end time: 11:22 - Attendance: 8,753
Bernardo Rezende - Brazilian head coach

"We did a good match if we consider the short time we had to practice. It was only the beggining. Now we have the prepare our team to do a better match tomorrow. We also have to be carefull with the Germain team because they will try to improved just like us and show a good game kike they did in the second set".

Giovane Gavio - Brazilian wing-spiker

"It was just our first match and I believe that we are going to improve each day from now on. Anyway this was an important result for Brazil. We have to pay attention to Germany cause they probably will have another vision of our game for tomorrow".

Stelian Moculescu - Germain head coach

"Brazil played fast. Meanwhile our team made a lot of mistakes although we did a very good second set with an efficient service. We are not going to practice this afternoon because we don't have time to criate a new estrategy".

Kuck Wolfgang - Germain captain

"We had a lot of fun to play in front of this big crowd".