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Press conference

Greece beat Czech Republic 3-2 (21-25, 25-23, 19-25, 25-22, 15-13) - duration 2:22
23-May, start time: 21:07, end time: 23:29 - Attendance: 3,390
Stelios PROSALIKAS (Head Coach, GRE): "The score is by itself proof enough of who eaqual the two teams were today. I am very satisfied because we have defeated the best ever Czech team that we have ever played against and we have ever seen on video. The Czechs had a very strong service, in contrast with us. I am sure that the remaining three matches against the Czechs will be just as exciting. My congratulations go out to the Czech coach, who managed to put together such a good team, compared to the one they fielded at the World Championships in Argentina".

Marios GIOURDAS (Team Captain, GRE): "We expected that the match would have been difficult, as we knew that the Czechs had a good team. We didn't start off well and we had to fight hard to gain our tempo. We thus allowed our opponents to come strong into the game. Without a satisfactory performance we managed to score a victory that will prove very important in this competition. We thank the public of Larissa for the support they gave in achieving this victory".

Pavel RERABEK (Head Coach, CZE): "The two teams were of the same level and at the end Greece had a little more luck. For us it was very important that we kept our level of play steady throughout the match. We didn't show enough patience at the end of the second set and that's why we had many unforced errors. We are still a young team and we are learning to play under pressure".

Ivo Dubs (Team Captain, CZE): "As we expected, it was a tough match, but we were not lucky enough at the end. We played very well and we are satisfied by the improvement we show after each match".