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Jim Polster


Jim Polster: Not Quite Your Average Joe
Besides traveling around the world with the US national team, lugging around an arm swing with a truck-load of power and preparing to qualify for the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Jim Polster could be perceived as quite the average Joe.

“I like to read and I am not one who is afraid of video games especially any type of golf game to pass the time,” said Polster. “I am just a really laid back guy who enjoys lots of sleep and a good time on the weekends to let off steam that has built up during the week.”

And it is the attitude he takes into his Volleyball career. “It’s much better then working a 9-to-5 job,” he said. “What motivates me to get up and play every day is not doing that.”

Even though Polster has a gold medal to show off from the 2001 World University Games in Beijing, China, he will also always be the first to step up and swing away at his playing ability.

“My arm swing is slow and loopy, sometimes I don’t hit the ball at my full reach… I don’t do one thing incredibly well but I do most things pretty well,” said Polster. “I am a consistent 7 and a half sometimes 8.”

For a so-called waste of talent he is holding his own with a team of experienced players that will hopefully bring back Olympic glory from Athens.

“We are a bunch of good athletes who came up through the college ranks together…we are a pretty tight group. Our team is pretty interchangeable position wise, which should help with a strong performance at the upcoming Pan American Games and World Cup.”

Standing at a towering 6 feet 6 inches tall, Polster, with his power, experience and level head is sure to make a big impact at the 2003 World Cup even if he won’t admit to it.

His work is not flawless but his contributions on the court will speak volumes during crunch time.