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The FIVB’s Medical and Anti-Doping

programme focuses on prevention

through education, ways to keep the sport

of volleyball clean and the protection of

athletes and referees’ health.

The FIVB’s Anti-Doping programme seeks to preserve

the spirit of volleyball and beach volleyball while

maintaining the ideals of ethics, respect, fair play and

honesty as well as the athletes’ health.

The FIVB developed an online Anti-Doping Education

programme – ’FIVB Play Clean’ – to educate volleyball,

beach volleyball athletes, medical officials and coaches

on their rights and responsibilities. The programme also

provides guidance on healthy lifestyle attitudes in order

to deter athletes from doping. The course exists in

several languages and so far more than 18,000 users

have completed the programme.

Moreover, outreach programmes have been implemented

on competitions to gain the awareness of players for

anti-doping and to give the opportunity to players to talk

and exchange with people specialised in anti-doping.

As doping is fundamentally contrary to the spirit of

sport, one of the FIVB’s goals is to keep the playing

field clean and level. To this end, the FIVB conducts

regular and random anti-doping tests and has an

extensive testing programme in place, both during and

out-of-competition with blood and urine tests.

As the FIVB is committed to the protection of its athletes’

health, it has established several programmes, ranging

from injury prevention to heat stress. The FIVB has

focused primarily on the prevention of injuries and illness,

the reduction of long-term disability through proper

diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, and ways of

maintaining volleyball as a drug-free sport. FIVB studies

continue to be published in renowned sport medicine

journals. The health of our referees is also important

therefore a Referee Health Management Programme is

also conducted throughout the year.

The FIVB also wants to share and communicate its

knowledge and updates about Anti-Doping and Medical

news. As a result, a Twitter account (@FIVBMedical) was

launched in 2014.

For more information, please visit the medical section at


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