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‘14-player rule’
The FIVB Board of Administration decided to re-
fer the “14-player rule” to the Rules of the Game,
Coaching and Refereeing Commissions for further
analysis. The special meeting is to be called where
they will study the issue and report back. In prin-
ciple, the original rule was only for specific com-
petitions and not in general and the rule would be
included only in the specific regulations of each of
these events.
FIVB World League
The FIVB World League Council created a work-
ing group to deliver a proposal for the 2010 FIVB
World League that would concern regulations on
participation in World League, to find a new and
fair system to select teams for the World League.
It was reported that the idea for the future of the
FIVB World League is to balance the commercial
line (closed system) with the sporting line (open
system). It was proposed that from the 16 teams,
those ranked 1 to 14 in the 2009 FIVB World
League have the right to participate in the 2010
edition, the final classification will be based on
pool results, points (3 for 3-1/3-0 win, 0 for 3-0/3-
1 loss, 2 for 3-2 win, 1 for 3-2 loss), point ratio and
set ratio and that in the case of a tie of two or more
teams in each of the last four pool positions there
will be an evaluation of crowd attendance to de-
cide ranking. The Board agreed in principle to the
qualification system proposed for the 2010 FIVB
World League of the teams ranking 15th and 16th
in 2009 to face the finalists of a new World League
qualification system in two “promotion-relegation”
play-off matches, with a drawing of lots to deter-
mine which team plays against the 15th- and 16th-
ranked teams. In all cases, new teams have to fill
all television and commercial requirements to par-
ticipate in the FIVB World League. In other World
League news, it was reported that the 2008 FIVB
World League attracted a record 665,000 specta-
tors, topping the 649,000 spectators in 2001.
The Board agreed to delete article 1.6.5 from the
FIVB Financial Regulations concerning commis-
sions paid out to FIVB members for contracts.
The Board approved an increased financial contri-
bution to the five Continental Confederations per
year from now on, taking into account their im-
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