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A spectacular show at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium to celebrate the 17th edition of the World Grand Prix
The Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium is a world-class
sporting complex in the Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku district
of the Japanese capital, adjacent to the national football
stadium. Built in 1954 for the World Wrestling Champi-
onships, the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium was also
used as the venue for gymnastics events at the 1964
Olympic Games. Subsequently, it staged the opening
ceremony for the 1977 Volleyball World Cup, and it will
be the venue for the next World Cup in 2011.
The gymnasium, now featuring a highly original roof
design, was rebuilt along futuristic lines by Pritzker
Prize-winning architect Fumihiko Maki and completed
in 1991. It holds 10,000 people (6,000 fixed, 4,000
temporary). The sub-arena houses an Olympic size
swimming pool with seating for 900 people. The Japan
Waterpolo Championships is held there. There is also
a 25m pool, an outdoor oval running track, a weight-
training room and conference rooms.
The Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium is a regular venue
for the V.League, as well as the Suntory Cup All Japan
School Volleyball Rally and the Miki Prune Super Col-
lege Volleyball. Other significant sports events to have
been staged there include the WTA Toray Pan Pacific
Tennis Championships; the Japan Table Tennis Cham-
pionships; the Aeon Cup World Rhythmic Gymnastics
Club Championships; and the 2007 World Figure Skat-
ing Championships. Since 2000 the arena has also
been used as a concert venue. 
The venue:
Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium
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