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• Combined live, highlights and news audience was
1.65 billion across 120 territories in 2009 while
in 2007 the total audience was 435m. An increase
of 279.31% with Germany, a key Beach Volleyball
territory, as a prime example where according to
IFM interim data the TV Coverage Comparison
between 2007 and 2009 has seen an increase of
cumulated broadcasting time of 279% and an in-
crease of cumulated audience of 143%
• 40 international broadcasters showed action,
marking an increase of 185% on 2007 (14), includ-
ing key broadcasters such as Universal/NBC (USA),
DSF (Germany), Television Espanola (Spain), Su-
persport (SouthAfrica), NOS (Netherlands), Globo
(Brazil), Polsat (Poland) and ASBU (Middle East)
Source IMG & IFM International 2009
IMG Sports Media
IMG Sports Media is the
world’s largest independ-
ent distributor of sports programming, distributing
over 18,000 hours of content to major global broad-
World League
101 Territories Covered
14 International Broadcasters (excl. Host Broadcasters)
Live Broadcasted Hours
World Grand Prix
90 Territories Covered
18 International Broadcasters (excl. Host Broadcasters
Broadcasted Hours
Swatch FIVB World Tour
39 Broadcasters
Live Broadcasted Hours
Swatch FIVB World Championships
40 Broadcasters
Live Broadcasted Hours
casters annually. This content originates from more
than 200 clients and events including Wimbledon,
The Australian Open, The ATP Masters Series, The
R&A, International Rugby Board (IRB), Moto GP, Na-
tional Football League (NFL) and the International
Volleyball Federation (FIVB). IMG Sports Media op-
erates from over 30 offices worldwide and has daily
exchanges with over 4,000 key media contacts.
FIVB on the way to start its most extended
brand identity project ever
The FIVB brand plays an important role in the ad-
vancement of Volleyball. The development of the dif-
ferent FIVB brands and events, therefore, requires
careful attention. Feedback from the market clearly
identifies that the FIVB brand deserves a new ap-
proach. The brand currently lacks clear positioning
and the FIVB is inconsistent in its brand executions.
This is an opportunity for improvement and enhance-
ment of the brand and its brand equity by:
• Strengthening the positioning of the FIVB as a
• Increasing the awareness and the popularity of the
• Emotionalizing and modernizing the FIVB brand
outside the traditional volleyball channels
• Generating a premium communication platform
for the partners and sponsors
• Reaching additional media coverage to promote
the FIVB brand
• Generating additional revenues
In August 2009 FIVB launched the tender process
for revamping the FIVB identity and brand design.
Several well known and global agencies entered the
tender process until the end of the year with the aim
to be selected during 2010 finally.
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