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World League
Global TV Coverage*
• 1,712 hours of total TV broadcasts, from which
591 hours where shown live
• 709 million viewers for primary footage worldwide
• The 2009 matches were broadcasted across 101
countries and five continents
• The number of broadcasters increased by 50% to
30 in 2009
• New significant partnerships have been achieved
in strategic markets like Middle East/North Africa,
Former Yugoslavia, Australia and Africa
• New important markets such as Indian Sub-Conti-
nent among many others were covered with pri-
mary footage (taken from WL Council Report)
• Match of the Week: As in the previous edition, the
match of the week has proven to be a successful pro-
motional tool for the World League, being broadcasted
in 82 territories with an additional average weekly
number of 237 million viewers, an increase of 50%.
World Grand Prix
Global TV Coverage*
• 1,348 hours of total TV broadcasts live and delayed
• 1,058 million of cumulated audience
• The matches broadcasted worldwide in 90 coun-
tries and five continents
• Cumulative household reach for full coverage went
up to 600M with an increase of 10.3% from 2008
• Additional exposure vehicles such as TWS and
SNTV delivered another 1.2 Billion potential
household to the event
Global TV Coverage*
• 1,553 hours of total TV broadcasts, from which
239 hours where shown live
•More than 225 million viewers for primary foot-
age worldwide
• The matches were broadcasted in more than 130
countries and 5 continents
• Cumulative household reach for primary and sec-
ondary coverage went up to 1.65 Billion
• The number of international broadcasters in-
creased from 24 in 2008 to 39 in 2009
SWATCH FIVB World Champs
Global TV Coverage*
• 326 hours of total TV broadcast, from which 134
hours where shown live
• 156 million of primary audience
•Matches were broadcasted worldwide in 150
countries and five continents
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