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and Councils
The FIVB Commissions gathered in Lausanne in February 2009 for their yearly meetings. During the
productive sessions, chaired by FIVB President Jizhong Wei, a number of internal decisions and propos-
als for the Board of Administration were made.
The members discussed an invitational U-Volley
tournament, higher visibility on the FIVB website to
give Development Commission programs a higher
profile, to start as soon as possible with basic man-
agement courses for Presidents, General Secretar-
ies and staff of National Federations in relation to
the Volleyball Cooperation Program and to support
the continued expansion of Volley All Festivals.
A number of proposals from the
September 2008 meeting were
refined ahead of presentation to
the Board of Administration and
internal decisions reviewed. Re-
fined proposals included mak-
ing sure Press Director staff
named by the local organisers
of FIVB events should have a
journalistic background and flu-
ent English. It was also strongly
recommended the FIVB pay
more attention to the press mat-
ters of Youth and Junior compe-
titions, and that the FIVB Press
Delegate of each event/venue
or any professional named by
the Press Commission or Press Department carries
out an inspection visit one year before each Olympic
Games and World Championship.
The issue of player agents was discussed, as it has
been in the past. The Legal Commission members
agree that agents are not recognized by the FIVB
and that any further discussion regarding their
activities can only be relevant if the Board of Ad-
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