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proved role in the decision-making process in the
coordination of the National Federations. This de-
cision of the FIVB Board particularly stressed the
investment which the Confederations will face for
development and anti-doping projects.
FIVB World Grand Prix
For the 2009 edition, the same qualification sys-
tem is being kept as for previous editions. There
is a consensus that for an increase from 12 to 16
teams there needs to be an improvement in the
level of the teams wanting to take part. It was re-
ported that a strong message is to be sent that a
country’s best players need to be used in the com-
petition and not “second-team” players.
FIVB Board member Marta Centeno De Sajche of
Guatemala was elected to the FIVB Executive Com-
mittee to fill the Norceca quota available follow-
ing the retirement of former President Dr. Rubén
Acosta. With the departure from the FIVB Board of
Carlos Beltran of Puerto Rico and in respect of con-
tinental quotas, Norceca will make a decision on
its two available seats on the Board at its upcoming
regional Board meeting.
Development Centres
The general plan is for each Development Centre
focuses its strategy on Mass Volley and Beach Vol-
leyball in 2009. It was proposed that, if Develop-
ment Centres fulfill all requirements, the FIVB will,
step-by-step, begin to pay for coaches for Develop-
ment Centres.
World Vision 2012
It was proposed to give an award to the most im-
proved National Federation in each of the Conti-
nental Confederations.
TV and New Media Commission
New distribution formats for television include –
for the first time – a weekly Volleyball highlights
programme during events and a revised Beach Vol-
leyball highlight programme. It was agreed to test
a coloured Volleyball court in national-level events,
to test line-sensor systems including Hawk Eye, to
test microphones on referees and to change the
color of the referees’ uniform.
Athletes Commission
It was agreed that a study be carried out on the
creation of an Athletes Commission as suggested
by the International Olympic Committee, to be pre-
sented at the next Executive Committee meeting in
Fukuoka in November.
New ball
It was decided to continue with tests on ball pres-
sure and ball size for Volleyball. 
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