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Dr. Rubén Acosta officially transferred the FIVB pre-
sidency to Mr. Jizhong Wei at a special Handover Ce-
remony in Beijing on August 24, 2008 after 24 ye-
ars as leader of Volleyball’s world governing body.
“I am retiring today from the presidency at the clo-
sing of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games so that a
new era can unfold for the FIVB,” Dr. Acosta said.
Dr. Acosta delivered a warmly received speech to
distinguished guests and media from around the
world in which he called for the Volleyball Family
to continue to support FIVB President Wei as he em-
barked on his new role at the FIVB.
“During 24 years (my wife) Malú and I have done
our best to honor the legacy of our founding Pre-
sident Mr. Paul Libaud and we have never failed
to come to the forefront in defense of that legacy,
which we now entrust to Mr. Jizhong Wei and his
collaborators for them to maintain with care and
honesty the respect of the FIVB general interest and
image,” said Dr. Acosta.
Dr. Acosta accepted an FIVB Executive Committee
proposal to become Honorary Life President of the
Dr. Acosta officially announced his retirement at
the end of the 31st FIVB World Congress in June
2008 in Dubai, with the Congress unanimously
electing FIVB First Executive Vice President Wei as
incoming President. Mr. Wei will be President until
elections in 2012.
Mr. Wei, whose past roles have included Vice Presi-
dent and Executive Secretary General of the Chine-
se Olympic Committee, paid tribute to Dr. Acosta’s
stellar achievements over a memorable 24 years.
“Today, the FIVB is one of the most well-organi-
zed international sports federations with modern
sports concepts and professional officials and or-
chestrated by democratic and fair principles,” said
President Wei. “Dr. Rubén Acosta, we enjoy all your
“The FIVB can be sure that I will continue the
march you initiated and I will try my best to reach
the high expectations you put on us,” said Presi-
dent Wei.
handover ceremony
Mr. Wei Jizhong with the FIVB flag donated by Dr. Rubén Acosta and his wife Malú
Mr. Wei Jizhong and Dr. Rubén Acosta
The FIVB Presidency hands over
Dr. Rubén Acosta and his wife Malú with Mr. Wei Jizhong and his wife Li Lingpei