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The FIVB opened a new chapter in its history when it
acquired the prestigious “Château Les Tourelles” in
Lausanne on the banks of Lake Léman for the loca-
tion of its world headquarters.
It was a superb anniversary gift for the 60-year-old
Federation. The château is one of the most elegant
historical sites on the Lausanne city register and of-
fers a majestic view of the Swiss and French Alps
towering over the lake.
The site originally housed a tenant farmer’s house
in the beginning of the 19th century before it was
demolished to make room in 1867 for the “Château
Les Tourelles,” which became a country retreat for
high-society families from Europe, mainly Britain.
But over time, at the whim of successive landlords,
the château slowly lost its original look. It was found
in a partially neglected state when the idea of crea-
ting the FIVB headquarters came to former FIVB pre-
sident Rubén Acosta.
The plan was to restore the splendor of “Château
Les Tourelles,” its structure and furnishings to make
it both an exceptional place proud of its past and a
functional headquarters of a modern organization in
the 21st century.
Swiss, French, Italian and Portuguese companies
and craftsmen lent their talents to complete the two-
year renovation project and, at the end of 2007, the
60th year in the life of the FIVB, the vision became
a reality.
The official opening ceremony was held on May 9,
2008 with special guests from around the world
converging on the château to celebrate.
For all its grandeur outside, the crowning glory of
the château is its interior design, which exudes ele-
gance from top to bottom. A visitor’s eyes will never
get bored.
And behind all of the splendor is an information
technology system of the highest standards that ma-
kes for a cutting-edge working environment within
the FIVB.
The grand boardroom, located under the terrace and
whose windows face directly onto the lawn, is outfit-
ted like a meeting room from a large multinational
All of this is confirmation that the FIVB began a brand
new life in 2008, after giving back life to “Château
Les Tourelles.”
New home,
new era
Château Les Tourelles