Official Bulletin N° 6/24 (Fortnightly publication)
march 2013
Edition in english
Exciting change
We are living in a fast paced world and it is
obviously clear that if we want to improve
as an organisation and as a sport we must
embrace change and be flexible in our
It is important we move with the modern
times. That is why we organised a television
and marketing round table earlier this
month. It was a historic meeting in many
ways with key international marketing
and television experts providing input
on how the FIVB can improve volleyball’s
media presence and its interaction with
our audience. The ideas generated will
play a key part in the FIVB's marketing
strategy focused on bringing volleyball to
the world.
We must improve the user experience, not
only courtside but also for fans watching
at home. Stand by for change, it promises
to be exciting.
Dr. Ary S. Graça F°, FIVB President
Beach Volleyball World Cup and
Volleyball World League Finals
The Brazilian city of Campinas will host the
FIVB Beach Volleyball World Cup Final
from May 29 to June 2 later this year. The
World Cup Final will determine the champion
country from the Continental Cup and will
feature 10 countries per gender represented
by one team each. Prize money of $150,000
per gender is on offer to the FIVB Beach
Volleyball World Cup Final participants.
It was also confirmed that the
Volleyball World League Finals
will be
held in Mar del Plata, Argentina from July 17
to 21. The Intercontinental Round runs from
May 31 to July 13. There will be 18 teams
participating in this year’s competition for
the first time. The Finals will feature the top
two teams from Pools A and B, the winners
of Pool C and the host nation.
Portugal replaces Egypt in World League
Following the withdrawal of Egypt,
Portugal will participate in the 2013 FIVB
Volleyball World League.
Portugal is ranked 36
in the world and
finished 16
in last year’s World League. The
country was eligible to fill the vacancy left
by Egypt – who withdrew citing difficulty
in complying with tournament regulations –
having lost to the Netherlands in the second
round of the World League 2013 qualifiers.
The times and locations of Portugal’s
home matches will be confirmed in the
coming weeks.
Portugal will join Pool C, which consists
of Canada (WR18), Korea (WR22), Finland
WR31), the Netherlands (WR41) and Japan
WR19) and will feature in the opening
match of the competition against Finland in
Helsinki on Friday, May 31.
The World League Finals will take place in the Islas Malvinas competition hall in the city of Mar del Plata
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