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Five months after winning Olympic gold,
year-old Jonas Reckermann ended his
beach volleyball career due to injury. Tests
in late December showed a cyst in his spinal
column, which created pressure on a nerve.
Reckermann had interrupted his career in
due to back complaints. However, his
current condition left him no alternative but
to stop playing entirely. Reckermann’s team-
mate, Julius Brink, will compete alongside his
training partner, Sebastian Fuchs.
In January, coaches courses were held in
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Reckermann's career ended by back injury
Jonas Reckermann, who won gold at the London Olympics with partner Julius Brink, has fought recurring
back injuries for several years; his doctors feared permanent damage if he continued playing
The third international New Year's Volleyball
Festival was held in Novi Sad, Serbia and
as in the previous two years included pre-
youth and youth competitions. Around 400
matches were held on 20 courts in eight
sports halls across the city.
A total of 128 teams took part, coming from
Serbia, Russia, Greece, Slovenia, Croatia,
Bosnia & Herzegovina and FYR Macedonia.
Prizes were presented to the best male and
female players.
Lesotho project for youth
New Year's festival in Novi Sad
development calendar
The top beach volleyball players of Brazil
and Poland – all with high expectations for
the 2013 season – began training at their
respective national facilities in January.
Under a new system of national teams
established by the Brazilian Volleyball
Federation, the country’s top beach
volleyball players will all practice together
and only be paired off into teams prior
to each competition, including the FIVB
World Tour. Emanuel Rego is back for his
session of international volleyball while
Ricardo Santos started his 18
Poland's teams also started training with
an eye on the FIVB Beach Volleyball World
Championships, which will take place
from July 1 to 7 on their home soil in Stare
Jablonki. London Olympians Grezgorz
Fijalek and Mariusz Prudel began training
with their coach Martin Olejnak in Vienna,
Brazil and Poland begin training
for 2013 season
A new programme was launched in
Lesotho to help its youth teams access
volleyball training and resources at the
start of the year. The programme provides
stable funding through 2014, including a
US$36,000 commitment from the FIVB.
This is going to cover the whole country,”
said William Nhlapu, President of the LVA.
By 2016 all the children identified will
be able to compete in local, regional and
international competitions,” he continued.
The FIVB Technical and Development
department released its comprehensive
calendar of Volleyball Cooperation
Programme (VCP) courses, coaching
courses and technical seminars for 2013.
There are already a record-breaking number
of courses scheduled – 119 – and more
applications are still being processed.
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