Official Bulletin N° 2/24 (Fortnightly publication)
january 2013
Edition in english
Embracing change
in 2013
A recurring theme during discussions at
our annual commission meetings held
over January was "Technology does not
drive change – it enables change".
The FIVB is on the cusp of a new era as we
now begin the work of making our sport,
and the way we bring volleyball to our
audiences, more appealing and dynamic
to today’s generation.
Social media platforms such as Facebook
have made it easier for us to reach out to
volleyball fans around the world.
These new forms of communication have
facilitated our understanding of what
people expect from us and how they
would like to engage with our sport.
Dr. Ary S. Graça F°, FIVB President
Annual meetings in lausanne
The FIVB held a series of commission
meetings at its headquarters in Lausanne
in January.
In a move to encourage a greater
integration of activities, President Dr. Ary
S. Graça F° initiated a number of joint
commission meetings. The proposals from
the commissions will be forwarded to the
Executive Committee for approval.
The FIVB has changed the format
of World Volley News for 2013. This
newsletter, available only in electronic
format, will be published twice a month.
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FIVB participation in Doha youth leadership camp
The FIVB and FIVB Heroes, were a key
partner in a UN Youth Leadership Camp
in Doha, Qatar organised by the UN Office
on Sport for Development and Peace
UNOSDP) and hosted by the Right to Play
and Aspire Dome. The programme targeted
youth leaders, aged 18 to 25, from Africa
and the Middle East and was designed to
encourage the use of sport to promote
grassroots social development in poor and
marginalised communities worldwide.
FIVB Hero Lynne Beattie (pictured), opened
the camp with a course on volleyball
fundamentals and workshops focused on
sport for community development and
peace. FIVB instructor, Mr. Sherif El Shemerly
facilitated the theoretical and practical
sessions to help equip the youth leaders
with the knowledge and skills needed for
them to initiate grassroots programmes in
their home countries.
met over three days
in the week of January 14. The
convened the following week, from January
to 21. The
conducted a series of meetings over six
days from January 22 to 27. The
separately on January 28 and 29 and then
together on January 30.
FIVB President Dr. Ary S. Graça F° addresses the joint meeting between the Rules of the Games Commission
and the Refereeing Commission at the FIVB headquarters