At the end of 2012, Brazilian female Olympic
beach volleyball teams Juliana Felisberta da
Silva/Larissa França and Talita Antunes/Maria
Antonelli annouced that they would split for
the 2013 season.
In early December, Larissa and Juliana ended
their nine year partnership on a high, with
victory in their final match together, to claim
third place overall in the sixth stage of Brazil's
national circuit in Rio de Janeiro.
In late November and December, coaches courses were held in
In the same period, Volley All Festivals were held in the
. (Click on country names for more.)
Legendary beach volleyball players, Brazil's Larissa França and Juliana Felisberta da Silva were recipients of
the 2012 FIVB SWATCH World Tour Team of the Year award
The Botswana Volleyball Federation (BVF),
in conjunction with the Botswana Primary
School Sport Association, hosted its annual
Mini Volleyball Festival, for children under
the age of 14, at the end of November in
Maun. The event was part of the Botswana
Volleyball Federation’s long term athlete
development programme to introduce
volleyball at the grassroots level.
Elementary, middle and high school physical
education coaches came together at the
first ever Volleyball Cooperation Programme
VCP) course in Guam, under the leadership
of FIVB instructor, Sue Gozansky at the end
of November.
The public was invited to observe evening
sessions with the 26 local physical education
teachers. There was also a substantial
amount of press coverage of the event in
The Australian International School in
Dhaka, in partnership with the national
federation, held a Cool Volley Festival at
the end of November to encourage youth
participation in volleyball and improve
their skills. An initial group of 25 boys and
girls who took part in this first stage, will
continue until 2014.
This initiative shows how Cool Volley can be used
to teach volleyball in schools
Mini Volley Festival in Botswana
Cool Volley Festival in Bangladesh
First ever VCP course in Guam
Participants at the course learned the finer points
of volleyball from instructor Sue Gozansky
The participants excitement at taking part in the
festival was evident
Beach volleyball was named as one of the
highlights of the 2012 London Olympic
Games in a Facebook survey conducted by
the IOC website,
The survey polled more than 40,000 fans
to find out their favourite moments from
the Olympic Games held in London last
Other top picks included Michael Phelps
raising his Olympic medal tally to 22, Mo
Farah doing the 5,000 meters and 10,000
metres double and the USA winning
basketball gold
Beach volleyball - highlight of
London 2012