Singin’ in the rain
Taking pictures of their Heroes
Union Jacks with a difference
Tennis legend John McEnroe and snowboarding star Shaun White
Canadian visitors getting into the swing of things
“People understand and cheer for the athleticism of the rallies, not just
for one country,” said Canada’s Martin Reader. “It is huge,” Spain’s
Pablo Herrera said. “Against USA all the stadium was cheering for us.
You only get that sort of thing at the Olympics.”
“While we’ve played in venues as large as this, it feels very intimate,”
said USA’s treble Olympic champion Misty May-Treanor. “Some
of the other venues feel large and far away from the spectators.”
Her partner Kerri Walsh said of the fans: “They should be so proud,
and I feel really blessed to be allowed in this venue because obviously
we are surrounded by such history.”
And one fan, 29-year-old Owen Oxlade from London, told the UK’s
Daily Telegraph newspaper: “It’s just incredible to be here, in the middle
of central London, surrounded by some of these historic landmarks, but
also surrounded by people from all over the world who are having this
amazing time, in our city. I feel really proud to be British right now.”
FIVB President Jizhong Wei added: “The FIVB thanks the Great Britain
spectators who have come to applaud our international players, even
though beach volleyball is new for them. LOCOG and the British public
have very much inspired a generation.”