With her playing career now over, Cook will continue to fight to raise
awareness of beach volleyball in Australia. Many of the beaches there
ban ball sports of any kind, meaning that purpose-built facilities need to
be developed, something that Cook and her company Sandstorm are
trying to do.
The sport will have an excellent opportunity to show itself off to Australia
when Queensland’s Gold Coast hosts the Commonwealth Games
in 2018. “I absolutely want to be a part of that,” said Cook, a native
of nearby Brisbane who would like nothing better then to plot a path
towards another Australian Olympic beach volleyball gold medal.
“I want to build a beach volleyball hub on the Gold Coast. There
is nowhere better in the world to do it, and we need to win the
Commonwealth gold in 2018 to win Olympic gold again in 2020.”
In action during her final Olympic campaign
The former Olympic champion milks the applause one last time