Mixing with the fans earlier in the tournament
This was the first time a European team has claimed
the beach volleyball Olympic title
It was fascinating to observe the discipline and efficiency of the
performances from Brink and Reckermann. Three years ago at the
World Championships the pair worked themselves up into a real frenzy,
and were carried to victory by the sheer euphoria of the moment.
Here, however, it was their sheer class that dictated the course of the
match. “In Stavanger, we had acquired all the basic tools we needed
for our game, and from then until London we worked continually on
expanding our repertoire,” said coach Jurgen Wagner.
Another key factor in their triumph was their emotional control. “We’ve
been working on that for years as well,” Wagner added. Even Brink,
usually so hot-headed, refrained from any outbursts. “Now he channels
all his emotions into his game and into defeating the opponent,” said
Wagner. “That’s a major achievement as far as I’m concerned.”
Tactically and technically, the performances from Brink and
Reckermann were extremely mature on every level. Everything came
together perfectly. The Europeans succeeded where most competitors
struggle, in that they hit the peak of their form at exactly the right
moment. “Our timing was perfect,” agreed Brink. “Our game was
right where we always wanted it to be when it really mattered.”
At 14-11 in the deciding set the Germans threw away three match
points but still went on to score the two points they needed to
secure the Olympic crown
‘It’s an amazingly powerful
feeling, I’m filled with a sense
of pure joy’