The three German coaches, Jürgen Wagner, Markus Dieckmann and
Hans Voigt, were also hugging each other, hardly able to contain
their joy. Twenty minutes later, the two heroes were standing on the
podium to receive their gold medals. The German national anthem
rang out, bringing a tear to Brink’s eye. “It’s an amazingly powerful
feeling,” he said, barely able to find the words. “I’m filled with a sense
of pure joy. It’s hard to grasp what’s happened today.” Reckermann,
meanwhile, expressed his intention to “just enjoy this mad moment
and not worry at all about what comes next”.
This was a truly historic result. Twelve years ago in Sydney another
German duo, Jorg Ahmann and Axel Hager, won bronze but this was
the first time a European team has claimed beach volleyball’s biggest
title. Brink and Reckermann achieved a similar milestone in the 2009
World Championships in Stavanger, when they became the first
Europeans to win that event, but as Brink put it: “The Olympics is
something else altogether.”
It’s all over for a despondent Alison, while Reckermann gets ready to party
Brink and Reckermann’s BRILLIANT ode to joy