Jizhong Wei
FIVB President
FIVB leaves sporting legacy in London
The 2012 London Olympic Games were a great success for the
Olympic Movement as well as the FIVB. Both volleyball and
beach volleyball were welcomed in a country where our sport
does not have a tradition, and nearly all of our competitions
were sold out. The spectators came first out of curiosity, and
then out of love. Volleyball and beach volleyball have left a
sporting legacy to last following the London Olympic Games.
We were thrilled to welcome the British Prime Minister and his family,
the President of the Bulgarian republic, Prince Harry and other political
dignitaries to our competitions. The IOC President, several IOC vice-
presidents, many IOC members and International Sports Federation
and NOC presidents all came to watch too. And many British and
international social dignitaries also graced us with their presence
during the Games.
We did not receive a single complaint or protest from the participating
teams, the players demonstrated a high level of skill as well as
noble sportsmanship, while our officials worked from morning
until midnight and beyond and I am very grateful for their sense of
responsibility and devotion.
Our collaboration with LOCOG was perfect, and we would like to
sincerely thank them. Our hosts made our success possible. Working
with professional and very helpful volunteers also made our jobs easier;
for their part, all of the volunteers who worked with us were very
happy to do so since they were treated as one of our members.
The TV coverage of our sport had high ratings, the press reports were
also very positive and our public relations activities, especially the FIVB
Heroes programme, achieved unexpectedly good results. The IOC
President told me that he was satisfied with the totally new approach
of the FIVB within the Olympic Movement, while many IOC members
praised the FIVB and our sport. The constructive advice given to us was
to use some new technology to help our refereeing system in order to
avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.
For me personally, our success at the Olympic Games could not have
brought a more perfect ending to my term as FIVB President and for
that I am grateful to everyone involved. Congratulations must go to
the medallists, but more importantly to all the athletes who took part
because the success of any event is gauged on the performance of all
the participants. I thank you all.
‘Our success at the Olympic
Games could not have brought
a more perfect ending to my
term as FIVB President’
The FIVB provided media interview opportunities with key players such as
China’s Xi Zhang and Chen Xue at the FIVB lounge through the Olympics
British Prime Minister David Cameron was a welcome guest at
Horse Guards Parade
A total of 96 athletes from 23 countries participated in London with Poland,
Venezuela and Mauritius featuring for the first time and Argentina making
their inaugural appearance in the women’s competition thanks to the
Continental Cup