“A person could never have a better teammate and friend than Kerri
and I can’t thank her enough. Now I will finish my master’s degree in
coaching and athletic administration. Beach volleyball is not my career
any more. I want to be a wife, a mother. My heart wants to stay but
my mind and my body both agree it’s time to say goodbye. It’s time for
me to help the next generation to develop the passion for this sport
that I have had for all of these years.”
Reflecting on her experience with May-Treanor, Walsh said: “We
wanted to go out as a team with a 21-0 record in the Olympic Games
and a 42-1 set record is pretty amazing as well. When you consider
that, you pinch yourself and ask, ‘Did I really do that or did someone
else?’ No matter what the future holds, these are accomplishments
that we will cherish forever and look forward to showing old videos to
our grandkids while sitting in our rocking chairs and having some tea.”
“I am going to enjoy this moment for what it is, and when it’s necessary
I’ll talk about my future on the beach. What’s most important to me
right now is that Misty and I and our families have grown so close and
we will remain very, very close no matter what’s down the road. Misty
is the best there ever has been in this sport and it’s very sad to end
this journey with her, but boy do we have some incredible memories.”
Misty May-Treanor, golden eye
May-Treanor and Walsh bow out unbeaten