Expert Opinion
Following a spectacular women’s Olympic beach volleyball tournament, two
former Olympic champions gave their verdicts to the official FIVB website.
Will we ever see this again?
Kerri Pottharst of Australia
won gold at the 2000
Olympics in front of her
home fans in Sydney.
She also won bronze in 1996
and came ninth in 2004.
“I think the volleyball world was a little taken
aback and kind of in shock by the enormity of
what Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor have
achieved in leaving a lasting legacy for our sport
in general and especially in the Olympic Games.
“It appears no team in the world has the ability
to rise to the top, both physically and mentally,
on such a big occasion as Kerri and Misty. Will
we ever see this again? I doubt it.
“The bronze medal match was a big surprise
for me. Not because Brazil’s Juliana and
Larissa won, but because of how they won.
While China’s truly great Chen Xue and Xi
Zhang seemed to have had it wrapped up one
and a half sets into the match, Brazil came
from nowhere to steal the match.
“I hesitate to say it, but the atmosphere at these
Games was the best ever. It surpassed Sydney’s
Bondi Beach, and you should know what those
2000 Olympic Games mean to me. We can only
wonder how Rio 2016 will be able to top this!”