“Before the draw
I said two things:
I don’t want to
play Germany
and I don’t want to
play early. We got
both, but maybe
minus and minus
is a plus.”
Sara Goller
(after she and Laura
Ludwig had beaten
fellow Germans Ilka
Semmler and Katrin
Holtwick at the start
of the knockout phase)
“To bring home
a win for Great
Britain was
amazing. The
crowd was so
huge and so loud,
they just kept us
going. It would
have been an
amazing occasion
whether we won
or lost. Memories
that we will
cherish forever.”
Zara Dampney
(after she and Shauna
Mullin won their opening
pool match against
Marie-Andrée Lessard
and Annie Martin
of Canada)
“Phil and Todd are my favourite team.
When I started to play beach volleyball
I wanted to be like them. To beat them
is great, but I’m a little bit sad about it.
It would have been great to have beaten
them later in the tournament.”
Daniele Lupo