‘We wanted to win, but sometimes you have
to step back and say it was a great game’
From memorable to meaningful, from joy to despair, this is a collection of London 2012 quotes
from the best beach volleyball players in the world.
“I am so happy with the venue and how
the British have taken to it. I don’t have
enough good words to say about the
venue. It’s so much more beautiful than
any other.”
Kerri Walsh
“In the third we
went point by
point and then at
14-11 we lost three
match points and
we said, ‘Stop.
Not this time’. It
is unbelievable,
there was so much
Jonas Reckermann
“We are really proud of what we did here. It has
been a tough battle. We nearly lost to Spain and
the Czech Republic and nearly lost to Brazil. We
are really proud of how we fought tonight, but
they didn’t let us in.”
April Ross