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This month we look back upon what has been a
thoroughly entertaining beach volleyball season – both
for the fans and the athletes on the court.
We added three new Grand Slams to the calendar – in
Corrientes (Argentina), Long Beach (USA) and Xiamen
(China) and all three were important strategic locations
for the development of beach volleyball.
It was fantastic to take the tour back to the US and
Long Beach meant we had a stop close to where beach
volleyball originally took shape and where many of the
stars on the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour took
their first steps in the sport.
While beach volleyball will always have a thriving scene
stateside, the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour provides
the next level up with a wider variety of styles and
conditions and from that point of view I was delighted
to see Casey Patterson make a successful transition in
his first season on the FIVB World Tour from domestic
tournaments in the US.
It was a fantastic tournament in Corrientes and the
crowds responded by filling centre court on a daily
basis to watch some great action.
When the tournament was over, all involved were
able to look back on an excellent tournament that
was enjoyed by everyone. I hope they can continue
with it as it provides all South American teams with
a local tournament to aim for once they have finished
competing on the highly successful and entertaining
South American tour.
Xiamen was upgraded to a Grand Slam to the FIVB
Beach Volleyball World Tour, but it was important we
had a second stop in Asia to help the growth of beach
volleyball in that Confederation.
All three can take heart from Stare Jablonki. The
tournament in Poland, which began life as a men-only
Open in 2004, turned into a hugely popular double-
gender Grand Slam and this year hosted the highly
successful FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships.
The organisers showed that with hard work, learned
lessons and by listening to the athletes they can have
a tournament which athletes and spectators alike will
want to return to again and again.
11 / 2013
Cover photo
China’s Chen Xue diving for the
Mikasa at the Gstaad Open
in Switzerland, which she won with
team-mate Zhang Xi
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