FIVB VolleyWorld 11/2013 - English - page 26

Venezuelan beach volleyball benefit
from Igor and Fane’s success story
Igor Hernandez and Jesus Villafane were the first beach volleyball
players from Venezuela to participate in the 2012 Olympic Games in
London where they finished 19th. At their first FIVB Beach Volleyball
World Championships at Mazury 2013 they booked another success
story when they advanced to the elimination rounds with two wins in
pool play.
One of those wins was a stunning 2-0 win over former world and
Olympic champion Todd Rogers and his new partner Ryan Doherty. “It
was a big achievement for us to win against an Olympic champion like
Rogers”, Villafane said.
After London 2012 Igor Hernandez started coaching young beach volleyball
Long trip earns rich rewards
for St Lucians
It was a long way from the sunny, golden beaches of the Caribbean
to the courts of southern Poland where the inaugural FIVB Beach
Volleyball U23 World Championships took place, but that didn’t stop
St Lucia’s two representatives from making history as the first two
players from their country to compete at an FIVB age-group world
Julian Bissette and Gillan Octave represented the island nation of
176,000 people and while they may have travelled nearly 10,000
kilometres to get to Myslowice, they were in no doubt what their
participation meant.
Julian Bissette (left) and Gillan Octave flew the flag for St Lucia
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