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10 / 2013
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China’s women came to the fore this
season to win the U23 and U20 World
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FIVB President:
Dr. Ary S. Graça F°
It is amazing to think a year has already passed since
I was voted in as the President of the FIVB; was it
only 12 months ago that all eyes were on Anaheim in
California as the volleyball and beach volleyball world
met at Congress to set out the future path for our
great sports?
I said at the time of my election that volleyball and
beach volleyball had the potential to grow, develop
and become the most popular sport in the world and I
believe that they are on their way to doing so.
We have taken the first few steps on this path over the
past 12 months and the results have been as good as
we expected. There has also been a lot of hard work
and innovative coaching, refereeing and administrative
programmes run by the various confederations and
federations to help promote volleyball and beach
volleyball in their parts of the world.
The most noticeable area was in the age-group
tournaments; something that we look back on in this
issue of
The Girls’ U18, Boys’ U19, Women’s U20 and Men’s
U21 World Championships all expanded from 16 to
20 teams to allow more players and teams the chance
to experience competing at the top level and to allow
each confederation to be represented.
Furthermore we added U23 World Championships for
both men and women. This provided the final step for
players on their way to full senior level and the chance
to demonstrate their prowess and potential. I think it
is fair to say that the results of adding two new World
Championships and expanding the existing ones have
been a great success. New teams and players have
emerged and teams that shone at U19 and U21 level
have been able to carry that success on to the U23
Of course I have to congratulate and thank the
organisers of the six tournaments, without whom we
wouldn’t have had any of the World Championships.
All of them created an environment with teams and
players at their very heart so that they could play to
their potential without having to concern themselves
with external factors.
The venues attracted healthy crowds and they all
played their part in spreading the enjoyment and
passion of volleyball.
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