FIVB VolleyWorld 9/2013 - English - page 13

“In the game, we didn’t play
so well, especially in the
first three sets. I don’t know
the reason, but maybe the
girls were thinking they only
needed two sets. When you’re
not focused on the game, you
can’t do well. After that, we
played much better and the
job was easier.”
Serbia coach Zoran Terzic is happy with
bronze, but would have preferred a less
nervy way of winning it.
“We did what we could. I think
our team did a good job. We
learned so much and also
could see the talent of our
young players. We know in the
future what we want to work
on. There are lots of areas we
should improve.”
China coach ‘Jenny’ Lang Ping looks
forward with optimism after her side
won silver.
“It was the final day and we really wanted to win, but the
team made mistakes at important points and it’s natural
that if they blow chances then they don’t win. But this
tournament, with these young members playing against the
top teams in the world, will be valuable for the team.”
Japan coach Masayoshi Manabe can’t hide his disappointment at ending with a
“This has been a challenging
week. We lost four straight
matches. We knew we would
face a very strong Japan team
and I’m very happy for the
way my team fought. They
fought very hard and every
player on my team made a
contribution, all 14.”
USA coach Karch Kiraly focuses on the
positives after USA lost their World
Grand Prix title.
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