FIVB VolleyWorld 9/2013 - English - page 12

“You want to look at it as a
learning curve, you start off
with a base and you start off
with a system that you feel
you can trust. Although we
have not had any success
in the Finals, we had a good
run at this tournament to
get us here. I think we have
a skeleton of what we want;
I think we believe it and we
trust the system.”
USA setter Alisha Glass echoes her
coach’s sentiments of looking to the
“No doubt I have to thank all the girls from my team. I was well below my normal level and I had
the help of every member of my team. I was happy to receive the award but it’s not my main
focus of concern. We know we have a lot to improve as the team is new and we keep growing every
Brazil’s Thaisa Menezes and tournament MVP plays down her importance to the gold-medal winners.
“It is the realisation of a
dream. I always wanted to
be here and I’ve grabbed the
opportunity to be selected
and gain experience with the
older players. I’m playing
alongside the best players
in the world and this is very
important for my growth.”
Brazil’s 19-year-old Gabriela Guimares,
their youngest player, revels in being
part of the gold-medal-winning team.
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