they had some pretty crazy fans as well, but this topped it I think.
This was a very loud, loud match and you could tell it gave a lot of
energy to the other team. It’s a fun environment to play, because
there are so many people screaming. It really makes your heart go a
Canada’s Chaim Schalk takes a liking to playing in Poland
I think there will be three medals given away tomorrow and we
want one of them; the one that shines the most – gold.”
Jonathan Erdmann sets his sights high after reaching the semifinals
It is incredible. I can’t still believe it after the last serve, the reception
went over the net and my partner killed it and I looked at the referee
and saw his arm go in our direction. I can’t still believe it.”
Brouwer is in dreamland after reaching the final.
This cap is from a region in Brazil. In 2011 my father said I had to
wear this cap wherever I go, so now it is a way of reminding me of
home and because my father said I had to.”
Brazil’s Alvaro Filho
explains his choice of headwear for the medal ceremony
In Norway we prepared for freezing weather and then we had 30
degrees for two weeks. We were there five times before and it was
always raining and freezing and we arrived with long shorts and t-shirts,
so we had to go shopping and it was expensive.”
Austria’s Doris
Schwaiger can’t believe she forgot to check the weather forecast
I’ve had a moustache twice in my life and those two times I won a
tournament and one of those was in Poland the other was in 2008 in
Brazil. So I said it is a really important time, so why not use this extra
Brazil’s Pedro Salgado explains his choice of facial hair
We would have preferred to have played them in the semifinal or
the final, but we didn’t get a good Independence Day present with
the draw.”
USA’s Phil Dalhausser bemoans the July 4 knockout
rounds draw that pitted him and Sean Rosenthal against
fellow Americans Casey Patterson and Jacob Gibb
The Polish fans are very, very passionate. This is probably one of
the craziest fans we played with. We were in Latvia last week and
Pedro Salgado
Phil Dalhausser