It’s like a history event for us. We are the first pair from Lithuania
playing the World Championships. I am not thinking about that
yet, it will sink in after the event. I am proud that I can be here.”
Ieva Dumbauskaite enjoys being a pioneer for Lithuania
I wasn’t disappointed because we were playing in the same pool. If
it had been single elimination, then I would have been disappointed
because it would mean one of us would be out, but now both
brothers have the chance to reach the next round.
Toms Smedins
of Latvia on losing to his brother Janis and Aleksandrs Samoilovs
Because they haven’t been in the tournament we thought they
might not be in great shape, so we said ‘let’s try our best’, and we
really imposed our own game and took our chances. That said I think
China will be really good in the rest of the tournament.”
Erika Nystrom gazes into her crystal ball after she and her sister
Emilia beat first seeds Chen Xue and Zhang Xi in pool play
Since we beat the US in our first game, everyone is very excited
about it. The national TV called our hotel room for an interview,
they asked about our game and we also did an interview online.”
Venezuela’s Igor Hernandez enjoys his new-found celebrity status
Now it is really great, but every match I am really nervous. There are
really good teams, who I have never played before, but we did well
and Laura is helping me a lot. She knows a lot and tells me all about
them and that is working.”
Germany’s Kira Walkenhorst needs
some help from Laura Ludwig to keep calm
It is completely different from the indoor game. You do everything;
you have to pass, set and attack and that is the main difference.
Indoor I was an opposite player and all I had to do was spike the
ball. Here I have to set it and pass and you are involved in every
play, so that means a big mental change too.”
The Netherlands’
Michiel van Dorsten has a lot to learn after switching to beach
volleyball from volleyball
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