Clancy dreaming of Rio sands
Like so many top athletes, a burning desire to compete at the Olympic Games is the driving force behind the rapid rise of Taliqua
Clancy, and Australia’s 21-year-old beach volleyball protégé tells
about her Olympic dreams and her burgeoning
Widely regarded as Australia’s brightest young beach volleyball
prospect, Taliqua Clancy’s world is changing. The promise is quickly
becoming reality and her reputation is rapidly spreading beyond the
borders of both Australia and the Asian Confederation thanks to
an impressive new partnership with experienced Olympian Louise
Bawden that is already making an impression on the FIVB Beach
Volleyball World Tour.
They made it to the last 16 of a Grand Slam event for the first time
in Corrientes, Argentina at the end of May and into the final four of
the FIVB World Cup Finals in Campinas, Brazil the following week.
Bawden’s Olympic partner Becchara Palmer opted to step away from
the sport after the 2012 Games, but Bawden wanted more, knew all
about Clancy’s potential and felt she was ready to make the step up.
I was pretty lucky that Lou [Bawden] decided she wanted to keep
going,” said Clancy. “I have a great opportunity that she decided to
play with me. I was a bit shocked in the meeting when she said it, but
I was excited because I reckoned we would be a strong partnership.”
The desire to play together isn’t the only mutual thing between the
two. They’re both 184cm (6’0”) tall, both very competitive and both
approach matches aggressively. “We like to play a really physical
game and I think that’s intimidating for other teams,” Clancy added.
Lou brings a lot of knowledge – that’s a massive thing and keeps
me on track; game knowledge of what it takes to be consistent and
play well and about how we want to play and what works best for