Niger launches national
development programme
The Niger Volleyball Federation has recently launched their national
volleyball development programme, which will coach students aged
to 12 from across 80 schools. The programme, which is in a
probationary year, has the support of the FIVB, the Niger Ministry
of Youth, Sports and Culture, and the Niger Olympic and National
Sports Committee and is aimed at introducing more young players
to the sport. The aim of the federation is to maintain their growth so
that further programmes can be developed in the future. “Another
programme will be granted by the FIVB but that will depend on the
success of this year’s programme,” Badr Issouf, president of the Niger
Volleyball Federation explained.
Niger’s national development program will provide more youngsters
with the chance to play.
Sawatzki making her mark
in the men’s game
At the CEV Boys’ Youth European Championship Nina Sawatzki is
in the unique position of being the only female head coach at the
tournament. Sawatzki has been charged with guiding the Austrian
team as far as she can, having already exceeded expectations just by
qualifying for the tournament in Laktasi, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
While her presence on the sidelines has been welcomed, it has
occasionally caused confusion. “I have been in this situation for five
years,” Sawatzki said. “It has happened more than once that at a
match the secretary would walk over to my male assistant coach to
ask for the signature assuming that he is the head coach.
Nina Sawatzki is using the experience of her successful career
to guide Austria’s boys youth team.