coaching to be done. With Ryan, I get to start coaching again and so
far I have really been enjoying it. It invigorates or fires me up to play.”
Doherty has yet to play on the World Tour, but has been competing
in the United States. At 7-feet tall (2.13m) his height and ability at
the net will be vitally important in complementing Rogers’ agility and
defensive work at the back of the court.
While he is now based in California, it has been a circuitous route to
beach volleyball for the New Jersey-born 29-year-old. He originally
pursued a career as a baseball pitcher, but after he was released by
the Arizona Diamondbacks, he was given the chance to play on the
beach, excelled and so moved to California to see how far he could
The aim now for the pair is to establish themselves as a team on the
World Tour and go as far as they can at the FIVB Beach Volleyball
World Championships that take place in Stare Jablonki this year from
July 1 to 7.
This year Rogers and Dalhausser will be apart for the first time since the
start of 2006.
In their final year together Rogers and Dalhausser won World Tour gold in
Brasilia and Shanghai.