After he and Phil Dalhausser lost to Paolo Nicolai and Daniele Lupo in
the last-16 at the London 2012 Olympic Games, Dalhausser teamed-
up with Sean Rosenthal at the end of the season. It initially appeared
to be the end of Rogers’ time on the World Tour, but he has now
joined up with Ryan Doherty to continue a career that started at the
FIVB World Championships in Los Angeles, where he partnered
Daxton Holdren.
Ryan is still very new to the game and has only been playing for
about five or six years,” Rogers said. “He was a very good baseball
player before starting to play volleyball so already knew what it
took to be a professional athlete. He is still learning a lot about the
game but is very tall and is naturally a good blocker. I think he has
tremendous potential and I hope I can help him get to Rio for 2016.”
Right now I think Ryan is a great option for me. I realised that I
really enjoyed coaching Phil as well as playing with him when we
first started off. For the last several years there really wasn’t much
Todd Rogers’ finest hour came at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games when
he and Phil Dalhausser won gold.