Meanwhile, Reckermann intends to “enjoy life a little bit” and make the most of his
new-found freedom together with his wife Katja and their son Emil, who was born
in November. Well that’s the theory at least – Reckermann has thrown himself into
training to be a geography and PE teacher, and with final exams looming he has already
completed his dissertation on “beach volleyball coaching videos”.
Although he has no official role in the new Brink-Fuchs partnership, Reckermann
remains in close contact with them. This is partly due to the fact that Brink and
Reckermann, the 2009 FIVB world champions, have become a well-known brand on
the German sports scene and are in high demand. “I’m still around as far as the sport
is concerned,” confirms Reckermann. He was recently hired as an analyst by Sky
Deutschland, who started broadcasting the German Beach Volleyball Series this year.
For Reckermann there is definitely life after his career as an athlete, and it is one
that is full of exciting challenges: “There’s no way that I’ll be dying of boredom,”
he assures us.
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Reckermann intends to ‘enjoy life a little bit’
I’m still around as far as the sport is concerned’