Not only this, it is delivered in an environment where they
can meet like-minded people and are challenged to push the
boundaries of what they are capable of, all for the benefit of
their communities back home.”
And the involvement of volleyball is significant according to
Beattie, who helped in a session to show different methods
of teaching the sport to youngsters. “I might be biased, but
I honestly can’t think of a better sport to create development
and peace in the community,” she said. “It’s a non-contact
sport, where you are encouraged to work as a team and
communicate with each other.”
It is a sport than can be played anywhere, with very little
resources or equipment and it really is a sport for everyone –
young, old, disabled, able-bodied, men, women. Volleyball is
my ultimate passion and I really believe it can have a tremendous
impact on disadvantaged communities.”
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Lynne Beattie (second left) in action
during the Olympic Games
Wilfried Lemke, Lynne Beattie and FIVB Instructor
Sherif El Shemerly address the delegates
Lynne Beattie giving a practical demonstration