This is nothing
As the 2013 season
approaches, former USA
player, coach and Olympic
gold medallist Tom Hoff looks
ahead at the new volleyworld
order, and in particular the
changes to the World League
and World Grand Prix.
The volleyball landscape is set for change in
with the expansion of the
The new format of these FIVB
properties will no doubt create some waves – and it’s
about time.
Volleyball can do with broader international
exposure, and the game itself can only benefit from
new countries competing with more experienced and
successful ones like Russia, Brazil and the US. The
new format might offer a chance to countries like
Bulgaria and Serbia, who have had a strong history
in the game but are short on recent international
experience, to become serious contenders in the
World League.
This is an excellent way to have more kids see the
game and to increase the base of young volleyball
players. This is nothing but great for the sport. There
are so many people who don’t have the introduction
to the game because it isn’t as prevalent in their
countries as basketball and football. But it will take
time for volleyball to get through to the kids and for
them to develop a passion for the sport.
If you’re a player, your primary concern is increasing
your success rate. But by increasing the number
of teams, you level the playing field and there is a
higher chance for upsets. It means that teams like
mine, the US men, have to be on top of our game
especially as it may be harder to analyse opponents.
Things are about to get a lot more interesting in
volleyball. Because even in volleyball, change is good.”