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After his election to head of the
International Volleyball Federation
(FIVB) in September 2012, President
Dr. Ary S. Graça F° promised to
work towards modernising and
streamlining the way in which the
sport and organisation is run. FIVB
had the opportunity to sit down with
the President to take stock of the
current situation and to discuss the
Brazilian’s future plans.
You have spoken about
restructuring the FIVB to ensure
that the organisation continues to
meet the demands of the sport, its
athletes and fans. What measures
have you put in place in your short
time at the helm?
President Graça:
My first directive
was to conduct an audit of our
current working practices and
organisational structure. This has
assisted us greatly in building on our
management model to ensure that
our projects are realised in the most
efficient manner possible. We have
also strengthened our financial and
economic strategies, and continue
to ensure that our internal workings
are communicated in as transparent
a manner as possible to all our
continental and national federations.
We are also looking closely at the
Japanese model of marketing the
sport in its region.
Q & A with
President GrAçA
Lausanne, Switzerland, April 16, 2013
03 feATuReS
A report following the 100 Day
Action Plan implemented by FIVB
President Dr. Ary S. Graça F° has
strongly recommended that the
foundations laid by the Action Plan
be followed by a 500 or even a 1,000
Day Implementation Plan. The report,
by Professor Istvan Kasznar of the
Fundação Getulio Vargas university
in Brazil, explains that the Action
Plan was built on the foundation,
values and main objectives of the
FIVB’s Strategic Plan. Its goal was
to demonstrate short-term progress
and create a special momentum for
the team-building, integration and
transformation of volleyball across
the global volleyball community.
According to the report, the
purpose of a 500 or 1,000 Day
Implementation Plan would be
“to negotiate, align, confirm,
reinforce, communicate and
synchronize all on-going, planned
and approved activities, especially
those which are essential long-term
plans and were not included in the
initial 100 Day Plan”.
Lausanne, Switzerland, April 30, 2013
first 100 dAys under President
GrAçA lAid sOlid fOundAtiOns
Following the recent FIVB Executive
Committee, beach volleyball is on
the verge of major change. A new
philosophy and a new direction
under FIVB President Dr. Ary S.
Graça F° is set to change the shape
of international beach volleyball for
years to come, starting with 2013.
Lausanne, Switzerland, January 4, 2013
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