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Gustavo Endres


The premier blocker in the Brazilian team, Gustavo Endres, has been a legend in Brazilian volleyball for the best part of the last decade.

At 203cm and only 27-years-of-age Gustavo is one of the best on the international scene and can quite easily turn a match with his perfect timing, balance in defensive and inspirational play. He plays a crucial role in the offensive-accentuated lineup of the World Championship titleholders and his is dynamic and strong play is simply a pleasure to watch, especially when he is full flight. His subtle combination especially in defense and attack make him one of the most lethal weapons in the magic Brazil side.

At the 1998 World Championships he received the Best Blocker Award and followed that up with the same title in the 2001 World League, when Brazil claimed their second title. In last year's World League Gustavo finished as the fourth-best scorer for Brazil in the final round, while last year's World Championship, when Brazil claimed their first title, he was their top blocker.

On court he has developed a superb relationship with skipper Nalbert Bitencourt and both are often seen up in tandem in the block or the first ones to offer congratulations to each other following a successful spike. It is one partnership, which has proved most effective for the yellow and gold team.

But after two World Championships and six World League appearances back pain is starting to hinder the ginger-haired star but he's adapting to it and taking the necessary steps to make sure he is primed for each game. 

"Having arrived from Italy I felt pain in my back but I saved myself during the pre season trainings and now I'm raring to go", he said after disputing the Italian Championship with Ferrara last season. 

Born in Passo Fundo, Gustavo actually lived in Sao Paulo for nine years so he'll definitely be one of the first players running out into Geraldo Jose de Almeida when Brazil opens its World League matches against Germany on May 24.