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Women's World Cup 2003 - Match descriptive Info

Match Descriptive

China beat Japan 3-0 (25-18, 25-18, 25-13) - duration 1:16
15-Nov, start time: 18:01, end time: 19:17 - Attendance: 10,000

Yang Hao one of the world's most deadly spikers sent a strong 4-point signal to the Japanese in the opening minutes of the final match of the 2003 World Cup of Women's Volleyball. Smaller if equally energetic, the Japanese team had to work hard to get past the Great Wall of China. Every point won was a reason to rejoice.
China prevailed with a 4-point lead at 13-9 but was powerless to stop Feng Kun's lightning sets so deftly handed to Zhao Ruirui, the tournament's top spiker. China looked untouchable at 20-15 and retained the advantage. China had set point at 24-18, Japan's lanky teenager Kana Oyama spiked long and the first set was over.
But the young Japanese players made some costly mistakes so when Miyuku Takahashi, at only 170cm out-blocked her towering opponents it was all the more reason to celebrate.
China led 8-5 in the second, pounding home missiles that splattered the tiniest Japanese on the court. Japan got to within two points of the Red Titans and was still in the race at 16-20 before more costly mistakes positioned China to take the second set 18-25 after they delivered a burst of dexterity and power.
China charged through the remaining set showing no mercy. They quickly ran up a 15-7 lead and the Japanese could find the will, but not the strength to fend them off. It was only a matter of time before they closed down the tournament allowing Japan only 13 points in their final set.