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Women's World Cup 2003 - Match descriptive Info

Match Descriptive

Brazil beat Italy 3-1 (25-20, 25-12, 23-25, 25-19) - duration 1:30
15-Nov, start time: 15:00, end time: 16:30 - Attendance: 7,181

Well aware of the task ahead, Italian coach Marco Bonitta ran out a refreshed starting six, including Manuela Leggeri and Darina Mifkova, who have made sporadic appearances in this tournament and immediately surged to 6-2, closely watched by the Americans in the stands, whose qualification fate also was in their hands.
Brazil found their rhythm, closed the gap, leveled at 8-all then took the lead. But with Brazilian pressure and Nadia Centoni dropping several serves, Italy trailed 13-17 and their possible fast track Olympic qualification was evaporating.
Raquel pounded home the spike to give Brazil 22-19 and a good block advanced them further. And when the scoreboard showed 25-20 for Brazil, 12 American players in the stands leapt to their feet in jubilation, shedding some in tears of relief that they had pulled the third Olympic qualifier out of the fire.
Erika Combria, Walewska Oliveria and Virna Dias turned up the heat and Brazil totally pulverized Italy, allowing them just 12 points in the second set. The Squadra Azzura then regained self confidence and after leveling at 17-all in the third, fought out the set to 25-20 to trail by one set.
With the qualification settled, Bonitta gave some of his younger players a run and they hung on to level at 11-11 in the fourth set before the oft aerial South Americans recaptured their advantage. They grasped the advantage and the remaining points to close out 25-19 after Virna dribbled a shot over the net.